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Video Brand Content Delivers: Engage with Story & Deliver Your Message

brand content delivers

Brand Content is the new champion of marketing. We’re all bombarded with messages, it’s too much noise. At the first hint of interuptive and unwelcome ads, we tend to tune out. It’s a coping mechanism.  Companies still need to get their messages out…

I believe Brand Content is the best way past the defenses of your audience.

Here’s an example of a Brand Content video we made for FedEx. Notice it’s less about FedEx, but more about the story of one of their clients.

As in this example, by using the mechanism of story as a vehicle, you can communicate your core messages in a way that doesn’t annoy your viewers, in fact, when done right they will thank you for it with positive comments and reward you by sharing your content in social media.

Some of the keys to getting Brand Content Right are:

*Respect Your Audience. *You just have to put this one first and own it. The audience has lots of options, you have to give them something worth their time, something that that engages, resonates – something that matters enough to watch. You have to earn their view.  If you treat them with this level of respect and create content they* really* want, then you will not only earn the view of that video, but the their respect and positive association with your brand.

Find the Right Story. Interesting stories with engaging people make all the difference.You may not know how to dig deep and find it, or know how to show it, but there are always stories. Focus on the real humanity of the situation and it will tend to bubble up.

The Right Message. Ideally you can find that elegant overlap between your messaging goals of the project and the story you want to tell.

Storytelling Style. Just good articles come from good writers, good video storytelling requires good video storytellers. Use an experienced and versitile production partner who can help tell your story in a compelling and engaging way. You need to try hard to keep viewers engaged and the bar for quality that impresses keeps rising.

There are many ways to tell your story and many stories for any brand to tell. By finding that way that resonates for your audience, you have a better change of engaging them and keeping that relationship going over time, without gimmicks…unless brand content is a gimmick I suppose!

For me, one the best ways to look at Brand Content is that it’s the type of content you’d want to share with a friend. Someone who shares your values, someone who treats you with respect and enjoys your company, someone who like what you have to offer. This is the secret sauce, you can be friends with your audience, you can be a valuable part of their world, and they can be a pat of yours.

Want to learn more about using video brand content for your business? Download our free Online Video Marketing Guide: Learn How to Promote your Business with Video (Free Download)

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I’ll do my best to help answer them.

Good luck!

Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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