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Video Content Marketing for Tech Companies: Ideas to Engage Your Customers

Video Content is King.

Video is an ideal format for content marketing. Video is easily consumed, shared and the combination of sight & sound can really help your prospective customers to understand your product or service. Here are a few ideas of ways that your company can use video in your content marketing strategy:

Overview/Explainer Video

A great place to start for content marketing video is to produce a short overview video (15 second -1 min). Ideally, this will be a visually interesting and clear video version of your elevator pitch. Simple is usually better in this case and it should be clear to everyone what you’re company/product is all about - and why they should care. Keep in mind, not everyone will, so don’t try and oversell it.


Explaining complex concepts or step-by-step procedures of a 'how-to' video, educating you audience is a great way to start. If someone has no idea your company exists, they probably aren’t a customer yet. They may not even understand the problem your company is helping to solve, so maybe beginning with high level ‘top of funnel’ content is a good place to start. It helps create a climate of trust in which your company/brand is seen as a helpful though leader in your area of expertise.

Demo Videos

Seeing is believing and once someone has enough interest and understanding a product demo can be a great way to help them ‘get’ your product as well as help make it real. With new technology, trust is always a factor. Showing a product actually working builds that trust.


Interviews with experts can be a valuable and cost-effective type of video content. Your company and industry are surely full of people with lots of knowledge and insight that others are interested in having access to. Since an in person conversation isn’t always practical, video can provide much of the same benefits globally 24/7.


Technology changes fast! No matter what you’re up to, your customers & partners need to stay informed and video content can provide a easily digestible format for news-style content. This strategy can easily be applied to content focused on industry, company, product or feature level updates.

Case studies

Showing how your product or service has helped other customers is a very valuable type of video content. Possible customers can be convinced by previous successes, especially when quantified with data and demonstrated to be clearly applicable to their situation.

Use Cases

Just as case studies are useful, showing possible use cases of how your product could be used are helpful. You customers may not understand how your product is useful to them unless you show them the way.


Sometimes all it takes to make the sale is a special offer. Perhaps a consultation, evaluation, discount, etc. can help a prospect cross over into customer land. Video can help grab attention and emotion and entice them to make the purchase.

I hope these ideas give you a better sense of how you can use video content to draw interest from your audience and help them evaluate if your product or service if right for them. Just remember to always respect your audience and give them video content of real value. If it’s valuable content, I find that customers have a tendency to find it somehow!

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