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Video Content Marketing Statistics and Tips

Video is the perfect content type for content marketing. (If you’re not familiar with content marketing, here’s a great overview from The Content Marketing Institute). Online video for marketing is typically engaging, short, sharable - making it easy for customers to absorb your key messaging that’s relevant to them. I’d imagine most busy people would rather watch a video than read a big boring white paper!

The trick is, making great video is not so easy. It takes time, budget, skills, equipment and - perhaps most importantly - a good sense of what type of content will be most valued by your prospective customers.

One stat that helps underscore this issue is that a lack of human resources (42%) and lack of budget (35%) are key barriers to content marketing. (source)

But just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. In fact, we’re just starting to roll out our own video content marketing strategy now that we have the bandwidth - finally! I’m sure it will help us grow even faster.

Here’s a few more juicy stats from Kapost (source) to get a handle on how video is becoming a key element of a successful online marketing strategy:

By 2017, online video will make up nearly 70% of consumer Internet traffic.

Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound marketing.

73% of B2B marketers use video as a content marketing tactic.

Blog posts incorporating video attract 3x as many inbound links as blog posts without video.

78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing.

(Note: Again, here’s the source for all the above content marketing statistics. They’re totally worth a browse!)

When attracting new prospects, you’ll have the best success when you have content that fits with every part of the buyer’s journey. By creating video content for each stage of the funnel you’ll ensure that they have something to find – and you can bet your booty that your customers will go searching for answers before they make a purchase.

For video content, it’s helpful to have a wide variety of topics, some top of funnel, mid and some late stage. You should experiment with short form and longer form content, it’s predictable that you’ll have good luck with a variety of lengths. You might also consider if animated or live action might make sense, perhaps voice over with just a screen capture of your app, etc.

Let’s take a look at one example of a company I think is doing a great job of providing their prospects with a goldmine of easily watchable & sharable video content:

In their own words: " Wistia is professional video hosting with
analytics and video marketing tools”. They seem like nice people and look, they even have a dog!

video content marketing tips and statistics

They have pulled together a rich library of video content that is deep without feeling cluttered and is easily searchable. These custom, purpose-made content marketing videos aren’t an afterthought or a recording of a seminar that was also shot. These are well produced and clearly part of a sustained and deliberate strategy to create a library of video content that addresses many topics their prospective customers might be looking for answers about. Click the link above to check it out but here’s a sneak peek at how it looks:

digital accomplice tips for your video library for content marketing

With this example par excellence in mind, the big top 5 take-aways for your very own video content marketing strategy are:

  1. Consider your audience’s appetite for content
  2. Produce a variety of content types for the entire sales funnel
  3. Experiment and revise
  4. Make your video content inviting, searchable & sharable
  5. This can really help your company grow so get started!

I hope this helps you get your video content marketing strategy off to a great start, good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out for a free consultation and I’ll be glad to help.

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