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Video Content Marketing: The Final Frontier

The internet really screwed things up. There you were, all comfy in your cubicle, trying to keep your head down and get your work done. But those days are coming to a close. Smart companies are already starting to embark on a strange voyage into the world of entertainment. Corporate America, we’re ready for your close up!  Online video corporate marketing has finally gained mainstream C-suite acceptance and can help companies communicate in many ways. I recently produced a short video outlining some of the ways savvy companies are using web video.

Now that online video is in the process of redefining how companies engage with their customers, partners and even themselves, we’re all going to be getting a crash course in video production…both behind and in front of the camera – yikes! Having a camera in your face can be distracting, even paralyzing, but after a few times, it’ll feel a lot more natural.  Here’s a few tips to help you out should you find yourself on the business end of a camera, go get em’ tiger:

  • Ignore the camera, lights and microphones. Find your ‘happy place’!
  • Be yourself, speak as if you were talking to a friend.
  • Don’t try and memorize a script, just say what you mean in plain language.

I just produced some video interviews with Hinge Marketing in the Washington, DC area and they are a great example of a company that is embracing web video. All employees are regularly on camera and it’s clear that it’s helped build trust and ‘likability’ with their clients. Imagine how expensive it would be to fly around the country and meet all prospects! Video can make that first impression for a one-time cost,  and keep working for you, consistently & 24/7.  Here’s a clip from Sean McVey, one of their online marketing experts, who did a great job sharing his expertise on camera, with a little extra ‘b-roll’ footage and music added to keep you engaged!

For content marketing purposes, keep in mind what you audience wants to know, what they’re interested in and what they’re tastes are.  There’s not much worse to me than a boring corporate web video, so if you’re bored making it, your audience will be bored to tears watching it…if they even stick around. Serious doesn’t have to be boring.  The main law of content marketing is:  make content of unquestionable value and you will ‘earn eyeballs’.  But you just have to make it engaging if you want people to watch it.

Oh, and if you do a really good job, they may even share it! Viva la social media!

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