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Video Content Playbook: 14 Styles of Online Video for Your Company or Products

Video for business is going to continue to explode in 2012. Many companies are finding smart ways they can use the unique power of video to help their business thrive. By now many marketers recognize that having some form of online video for their company would be valuable, but in our experience they’re frequently not really sure what to do or how to go about it. We’ll get to that in a second but first here’s a great overview of how to use video for business:

We thought it would be helpful to pull together a handful of the most popular forms of business video content in order to give you some ideas…

Here’s a few ideas of what you might do for your company. Some of these may not apply to your specific business, but here are the 13 categories that our clients want the most:

  1. *The Overview Video: *This is by far the most popular and most versatile form of video content and a great starting place. If you have a 30 second-5 minute video explaining who you are, what you do (all the high level stuff most people might want to know about your company) that can then be used on your website, your blog, social media, You Tube, email, etc. – and can be used for many situations. This is an example of an overview video we produced for one of our partners Webmarketing 123: CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE VIDEO
  2. Brand Content: *As audiences have grown weary of advertising or “talk-at-you marketing”, *Brand Content has become a fantastic way to showcase the benefits of your company or product in a more customer-centric, perhaps more subtle and entertaining way. In my mind, Brand content really is all about telling the story of something interesting to your audience, that just happens to involve your product.  This is an example of Brand content for the paint company Sherwin Williams which showcases the work of an interior designer, who happens to use their paint, though it isn’t even mentioned. It just makes you associate redecorating with Sherwin Williams a bit more than you did before you watched it:  CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE VIDEO
  3. *Product Videos: *If your company sells products, you will probably be very interested to know that product videos have been shown to increase conversions by up to 30%. Online Show retailer is adding 50 thousand videos to their website to help sell more shoes for this reason! It just makes sense, if you can see what the product is, how it works, listen to someone explain what’s cool about it, then you’ll probably have a better familiarity and be that much closer to a sale. You can also have variations on that theme: how rugged your product is vs the competition, how easy it is to use, how small it is, if it blends….CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE VIDEO
  4. Customer Education: *Once a customer has seen an overview video, but needs to learn more, video is a great way to show the more nitty-gritty details of how a product works or even answer frequently asked questions without taxing your staff.*Video can also be a great post-sales customer resource as well. Here’s a few Video Case Studies we did for an Architecture firm. CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE VIDEO
  5. Topic ‘drill down’ videos: In some cases, customers may need more information about a topic, like Search Engine Optimization for example, that perhaps isn’t about your company, products or services, but will help get your customers closer to a sale and more trusting and appreciative of how your company supports them. CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE VIDEO
  6. *Services Videos: *For many customers,it’s just easier to watch a video that explains your services rather than asking them to dig through your website or download a big document. CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE VIDEO
  7. Overcoming Objections Videos: If you have a good sense of what the hurdles generally are for your customers, you can address those head on in a video that can consistently deliver a convincing case for why your company, product or services may be right for them. They may be more willing to watch a video about that rather than be sold by a sales rep. CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE VIDEO
  8. *Customer Testimonials: *Being able to listen to existing customers talk about your company, service or product and see the expression on their faces as they tell the story of how it improved their situation is an extremely powerful tool. It’s pretty easy to tell if you feel like that person is being genuine, and if you have several testimonials,  it can start to build a very strong case and a lot of trust and good will. CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE VIDEO
  9. *Recruiting Video/Company culture video: *Video is also a great way to show potential employees what a company is all about. These need to be done right or they can be cheesy, but they really can help get a sense of a ‘company vibe’ that would be challenging to get any other way. CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE VIDEO
  10. Employee Spotlights: In some cases, like for a realtor for example, it may make sense to produce short videos featuring a single employee. It’s a great way for a client to get to know someone in your company before they get on a call or start emailing. It removes the element of the unknown and starts to build trust. They can perhaps talk about what they love about their job, what their goals and dreams are, how they work or what the process of working with them will be like. CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE VIDEO
  11. Speaking or Meeting Documentation: If there are speaking engagements or meetings that may be important to share with others or even refer back to, video is an obvious way to capture them. It’s usually important to use professional microphones and if it may need to be edited and look nice, two or three cameras can give you flexibility to show audience reactions, a close up of a power point presentation, etc and edit it down to a shorter length and add a bit more excitement than staring at a talking head for an hour. CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE VIDEO
  12. *Event Coverage: *For many companies, a convention is a convenient time to also shoot a video of their presence at the event. it can expand the reach of the event dramatically, through either live-streaming or a post-event video. It may be a good idea to shoot a video so that you can promote it afterwards and potentially for the next year. It can be a great way to generate excitement in social media as well. CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE VIDEO
  13. *Holiday Videos: *Many companies send out holiday cards, holiday emails, or even an info graphic, but what better way to really make an impact than by sending a custom holiday video?! Its a great way to show off your creativity and your appreciation for your clients and helps build an emotional connection and affinity for your company. CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE VIDEO
  14. Blog Content: *Video for your company blog is a fantastic way to boost loyalty, visibility and grow an audience. By providing regular video content that your potential customers are searching for, you are helping to boost your blog’s ranking in search engines meaning that you’ll get found more!By releasing it on a regular schedule, customers will learn to expect it, just like a newspaper or TV show. CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE VIDEO*

Video Content**Added Bonuses

For all of the video content above, there are some fantastic added benefits.**Once you have released the content, you can use it in all your trans-media channels in a variety of ways:

  • You Tube content: *You Tube is the 2nd largest Search Engine and is a legitimate platform for business content. It’s my opinion that it’s important to be visible in front of that audience.* If someone searched for your company or product on You Tube now, what would they find? Once you have several videos you can even make your own custom You Tube Brand channel – little home away from home in video land.*
    Social Media: *
    Once you have the content it can be shared through all the different social media channels, by any or all of your company, at many different times and to different audiences. Video really stands out on Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn.
  • *Mobile: *Video content is much better suited to mobile audiences that text. Look around any city and everyone is staring that their phone. You can have content that’s optimized for your mobile audience so that when the look for you, they find content they want and that doesn’t give them a bad brand experience.  The mobile audience will continue to grow and people will use it more and more so I just think it makes sense to be a part of that audience as well. *
    SEO boost: *
    By having video content in all these channels, that has been optimized with keywords, meta tags, urls, descriptions and all linked together, you are creating a larger footprint for the webcrawler to notice. IF you have lots of content that your clients want, and they view it, you will be teaching the search engines that you are more relevant, and you’ll rank higher in non-paid searches.

Video sounds great right? So what’s the catch? Well, the  web video industry has been struggling for years to measure the true value and ROI of online video, which remains challenging. However,  I think that if you look at all the ways that video can help you, and take a macro view of the impact it can have on awareness, education, sales conversions, emotional impact and reach, it’s pretty clear video can make a difference, even if it isn’t easy to pin that impact to one statistic like views or sales. The trick is to find a talented and experienced Video Producer who can help you create quality engaging content that your audience enjoys and that fits your budget.

I hope these suggestions and perspectives have given you food for thought as 2012 starts to heat up and your online marketing plans take shape.  *

For a free consultation contact me at Digital Accomplice.

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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