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Video Customer Testimonials: The Magic Bullet of Business Video

Video customer testimonials are the magic bullet, just about the perfect tool for marketing and selling with online video. Sure, there are lots of ways to effectively use video for marketing, but few have the ‘slam-dunk value’ of having your customers explaining how you helped them. It’s all too easy for a company to toot their own horn, but customers typically have a much higher trust factor. That’s exactly why companies like Yelp are so helpful.  People trust referrals, they help sell. Consider how heavily you might have relied on the experiences of others to inform your purchasing decisions.

As long as the testimonials are authentic and clear about the results of working with/purchasing from your company….

It would be very hard to see how that wouldn’t factor in greatly to your prospective client’s decision to convert.  There are a few key reason’s for this:

  • Clients want to see that your company/product is trustworthy and effective
  • Human beings pick up on the non-verbal communication cues. Having a customer truthfully explain how you’re helped them will come across as authentic.
  • Short of a face-to-face meeting, video is the best way to share that authentic human experience around the world, 24/7.
  • People love a story. If you can have your customer tell their story and how you helped, it will more likely be engaging and convincing.

There are a few key ways you can help make your video customer testimonials most effective:

Results: Sharing the measurable and indisputable results of how you helped your customers is ideal. Hard data, dollars and cents, orphaned penguins saved, whatever the metrics are that you can share that will quantify a positive result can really help clients be convinced fast. It can also help them start to calculate the value that you have provided.

The Right People: Being on camera can be uncomfortable for some, and if we’re being honest with each other, some people just aren’t so ideal for being on camera. We do want authenticity, but some people will help sell that authenticity better. Choose someone energetic or with some charisma, gravitas, joie de vivre or some other on-brand factor that will help them really engage  the audience in an appropriate way for your project.*

Story: I can’t emphasize this key point enough: Story is the vehicle that gets your message past your audience’s defenses. People are guarded, there’s too many ads and content out there. Story is the way to get past that guardedness. Yes, do engage with great visuals and music, but the story-telling format of “X happened and then Y happened but then Z happened” is hypnotic to humans, when done right, we just need to know what happens next. Curiosity killed the cat!

Feelings: Use video’s unique ability to combine visuals, spoken words and music to engage attention, elicit emotion and use your customer’s humanity to open their hearts and deliver the message. Seems Machiavellian when I say it like that but when done right, they’ll actually thank you for it with shares and likes.

Production Quality: *It’s hard to focus on all the above points when the video quality is sub-professional. In order to do it right, you’ll want proper lighting, a quality camera, microphones, some quality editing/storytelling and people who know how to use the gear and practice the craft.  Besides, failing to be engaging, convincing and share-worthy, bad quality video also leads to negative associations with your brand.*

To help explain further, here’s a case study of how we helped a client build trust with their prospects with video testimonials*:

 Client Case Study:

Client: Cherry Bekhert


We created a customer testimonial video for accounting firm Cherry Bekhert.  The goal was to help underscore the messaging behind their recent rebranding (done by Hinge Marketing). We all agreed that it was their clients who could help convincingly share what Cherry Bekherts brings to the table through the lens of their own experiences.


By visiting several of their clients in several cities and in several different industry sectors, we captured the story of how Cherry Bekhert truly helps their clients.

*The results: *The video added a human face to the new website and has helped new clients feel more confident that working with them would be a smart idea. There are Cherry Bekhert partners in the video, but most of the storytelling is done by their customers, honestly and in their own words. I think that authenticity comes through and helps to build trust, but see what you think:

What did you think? We’d love to dane@digitalaccomplice.comhear any feedback or questions you have.

Want to learn more about using video testimonials for your business? Download our free Online Video Marketing Guide: Learn How to Promote your Business with Video (Free Download)

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I’ll do my best to help answer them.

Good luck!

Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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