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Video Effectiveness: A Closer Look

how to make videos effective a look at video effectiveness

Video can be effectively used for a variety of business reasons:

  • Awareness/Branding
  • Explain Product/Service  (Tech Demos)
  • Building Trust
  • Use Cases
  • Investment/Kickstarter Videos/Crowdfunding
  • Conversion/Sales
  • Recruitment/Training
  • Customer Support/ ‘How To’ Videos

    There are surely more as well. It’s tempting to try and create the “All about our company video” but it can become too long and cluttered if your goals aren’t clear.

The more you can narrow down your goals, the more likely you can be effective. It’s best to plan for “One video, one goal”. Here are a few key considerations as you go about developing your video content strategy:

Understanding your Audience: Who is your ideal audience? What should you assume they know? What terms should you use? What tone and style will fit the best?

Engagement: *How can you grab their interest right away and hold onto it so they don’t click away? The structure of story or lists as well as interesting visuals/writing and music all help to keep audiences engaged. If they are entertained, amazed, or just very curious in the topic, they have a better chance of sticking around.

Clarity of Message: *Make sure you are clearly communicating all the main points they need to know.  I like to start with answering the “who , what, when, why, where and how’s”.

Signals of Quality: *While your audience is watching your video, they will be making conscious and unconscious evaluations about your video, your company and the product/service/topic your video is about. Make sure you are creating your content at sufficient quality levels to leave them with the desired impression. Just as you would dress up for a job interview or a date, this is your chance to make a good impression.

Emotion Conveyed: Is there even any emotion? Have you given them a reason to care? What is the music communicating,  the body language of anyone on camera, the pace of editing. All these factors combine to leave an overall emotional impression. Have you inspired? Have you made them entertained? Curious and excited about your big idea?

*Authenticity vs Crafted Message: *For some companies, authenticity may be key. For others, they may need to present a more polished and composed message. One you know which makes more sense, you can build a strategy around that goal. For example, a Kickstarter/Crowdfunding campaign may rely heavily on showing your audience that you are real people with a real vision and real product so a homegrown and unpolished feel makes more sense. For other high level technologies that are hard to explain, a cool motion graphic may more easily help the audience understand as well as show that you are a premium company that takes presentation seriously. *

Trust Factors/Overcoming Objections: It’s usually best to deal with any objections head-on rather than skirting around the issue. Find ways to very clearly and logically put to rest any concerns the audience may have.  You wouldn’t want the online community picking apart your credibility in comments/social media after you had your chance to deal with those objections.*

Call to Action: *How really should determine what you want the audience to do after they see the video. Is it ‘contact us for more info’ or buy the product online, or share/subscribe, etc. Once you know what that is, you can build the CTA or call to action into your script and plans.

*Distribution Plan: *Have you considered where this video will live after it’s done? Is it on your website, You Tube, Social Media, shared with the press, shown off your iPad? It can make a big difference when it comes to the creative, for example, if mobile device viewing is going to be a big part of your strategy, make sure they can see/read what’s on screen from the small screen as well. You may also need to license audio and video assets if it’s going online, but maybe not if just shown privately in meetings. *

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