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Video for Your Company: Checklist for Getting Started

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Video is a powerful, high-engagement tool for your marketing mix. A quick search online will typically reveal a whole boat-load of video content for just about any sector and topic. If that’s not your content, it’s probably the competition’s -Yikes!  As you begin your journey into video-land, you might find yourself scratching you head a bit. While video content creation for marketing can be straightforward, this checklist is designed to help you make sure you’ve at least considered all the key points that might come into play…

Strategy: *Why are you using video content in the first place? Why do you think it’s the right tool? It’s hard to imagine a better way to show and tell but how does it fit in with your overall business strategy? How might you leverage the production investment most wisely? Perhaps you can create several videos from one shoot, different versions for different purposes, etc.

Goals: *What do you hope to accomplish? Boost visibility, convert sales, recruitment, investment? (Pro-tip: I like to look at what stage of the sales cycle you are addressing.) By keeping your goal tightly targeted you’ll have a better chance at success. I believe in ‘one video, one goal’.

Message: *What do you want to communicate and to whom? When trying to communicate effectively, I find it’s less about the ‘what’ and more about the ‘why’. Your product or service needs to resonate with your viewer, not your exec team.

Concept: *What is the big idea behind your video? It’s easy to just say what you want to say but it can be far more powerful is woven into a concept built of metaphor, symbolism, humor, cleverness, etc.

Style: *There’s countless options on how you can shoot, light, design graphics, etc.  If you are able to infuse an engaging style that resonates with your target audience and communicate your brand message, you can be even more effective. You care about how you dress, shouldn’t you care about how your company comes across in video too?

Production Value: *There are many options for improving production value: type of cameras, production techniques, time spent designing and animating graphics, etc. Make sure you are working with a production partner who can help you get the most bang for your buck.

Execution: *Once you have the vision for what you want to create, how are you going to make that happen? Do you have a budget to get the help you’ll need, do you have the skill set and bandwidth on your team to meet your deadline and goals?

Revisions: *Don’t forget that there may be a whole lot of people who need to approve and/or weigh in on the final product. Make sure you have the time and budget to fix anything that may come up – or at least have a plan for avoiding that as much as you can. Is legal approval needed?

Distribution: *When the video is done, where will it live? Where online? You Tube? Is it properly meta-tagged, SEO optimized and transcribed? Do you have rights to the music and images you are using?

I hope this gives you some insight on how you can prepare to use video for your company’s growth. If you want some more helpful perspective, check out our complimentary downloadable guide outlining 5 ways you can use video to help your organization grow, complete with case studies and examples!

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