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Video Marketing Secrets: Creating Video Special Events to Boost Visibility

Shhh, come closer: Here it is, one of my favorite Video Marketing Secrets: Creating a special event is a time-honored strategy to attract attention and garner interest. Case in point: Pass any car dealership and notice the balloons creating a ‘special event’ atmosphere that is intended to build excitement. They do it because it works. I believe that any business can do the same, on a national/global scale with online video.

Digital Accomplice recently produced a video awards show for a San Francisco based company called Dog Time Media. Their goal is to raise awareness for and support the community of Pet advocacy charity groups around the country. By creating this video content, they have effectively created an ‘event’ that their audience can rally around, boost engagement/excitement/involvement and also share in social media to ‘widen the pie’. Please take a look (it’s about 12 mins long).

I think there are a few key video marketing secrets that any company can employ to boost awareness and engagement with their audience….

Find a Cause

Corporate responsibility has a lot of cache these days, with good reason. It’s a lot easier to market your company with video when it’s to advance a cause you can stand behind while garnering some attention for your brand. It can also create a lot of good will towards your brand, earning customers, partners, advocates and even likes/shares/headlines.

Get Aligned with Your Audience

By creating a ‘video event’ that is on-brand and on-mission you will have a vehicle to advance your agenda, ideally while addressing you audiences as well. By knowing what’ simportant to your audience you can make sure your event is developed in tandem so that you and your audience are heading in the same direction, ideally turning your audience into an “Army of Brand Ambassadors” fighting the good fight in social media.

Produce Quality Video Content

I’m biased of course, this is what I do for a living but one of my favorite video marketing secrets is that I really get to see how effective video is in boosting awareness, excitement, pride, engagement, credibility – all at the same time! It’s hard to imagine a more cost-effective way to become so engaging and visible as a brand, and to stay visible since the online video doesn’t go away, it’s out there working for you, getting watched, advancing your cause, helping you rank higher in search via SEO optimization – but typically only if you make content that is impressive enough to be enjoyed, liked and shared.  If you work with your production partner and spend some time developing the concept for what you want to create that will best engage your audience, the results will be evident, and increasingly measurable. Great ideas, well executed is what audiences respond to.

I hope these video marketing secrets inspire you to develop video special events that can help your brand get the exposure and engagement you are looking for.

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Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I’ll do my best to help answer them.

Good luck!

Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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