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Video Optimization Tips for Online: Help people sniff out your content!

Ever since You Tube showed up, the internet is a deadly place for video. The choice for online content creators is simple: Adapt…or ‘the machine’ may just eat you alive and leave your company’s bleached bones on the digital savanna. To help get your videos bull-dozing their way through the internet like an intrepid Honey Badger, I’ve pulled together some great pro-tips, but first, you should probably just go ahead and enjoy the above-referenced viral video:

(That lil’ Honey Badger has 33 Million+ views…I’m just saying…)

So, not every video is popular and pointless like Honey Badger, some actually have a point, a business objective…

I’ve pulled together some video survival tips for anyone that is hoping their brand’s videos don’t just disappear into the dark corners of the Tube:

  • Uno: Keep your audience in mind, respect them, their time. Or they’ll leave. Duh (hopefully).
  • Put it on You Tube: I know Vimeo makes some sense or embedding but ultimately it’s a huge audience, and if you aren’t present, you’re invisible! It’s a marketing decision.
  • Make it mobile-friendly, small text & images are hard to see on a small screen.
  • Pick a good thumbnail (screenshot) Y’know, one where the person’s eyes aren’t closed and mouth isn’t open
  • Share: everywhere, but beware, don’t be spamy.
  • Name your file with the most relevant terms first, search engines look at file names too, surprised? I was.
  • Use meta-tags, as many as you can, ones that will help the right people find your content
  • *Pro-tip: *If you can find the time, add a transcript file for the hearing impaired and to make it much easier for ‘the Google’ to find your videos, and can dramatically increase your rankings!
  • Add to your You Tube Channel & make playlists of related comments (it all helps with SEO)
  • Don’t forget you can add overlays and annotations to your videos if you are so inclined, but try not to be spamy or tacky, it gets way overdone and overloads eyeballs.

I hope these tips help you optimize your videos once you’re ready to post online! One trap a lot of content creators fall into is thinking that ‘if you build it, they will come’, well that doesn’t really work. It can, if you’re video is Amazing, and you’re lucky, and if you promote the hell out if it. Good luck!

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Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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