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Video Production: "Behind The Scenes" Friday!

Video production can seem easy. It can take signifigant amounts of time, people and creative juice to develop elegantly simple concepts (Like this Apple ad) One of the other misleading aspects are ‘invisible effects’, the art of prepping, organizing, fixing, hiding things, cleaning them up and otherwise making them better. Even for the pros, it’s not always possible to look at a video and have a realistic sense of what it took to make it come together. They don’t call it “movie magic” for nothing*! *In this post, I wanted to shine a light behind the scenes and focus on what it really took to accomplish a recent production.

For this production, we developed a concept that would show different scenes that have themes and corresponding foods.

Product 'beauty shots' take time to design

To get this overhead shot of the plating we set up a top-down camera angle.

Top down camera angle

Here’s a time-lapse of what it took to set up props for one shot:

(Special thanks to R3D GIANT for this music track “Raindance”)

On most shoots, budgeting enough time for lighting and camera set up makes all the difference in making shots engaging.

Lighting and camera set up time is key to making shots look great

In order to make the scenes come to life, we needed a ton of props. This is what a ton of props looks like:

Props make all the difference, we had a lot.

For sexy close up shots we used a macro lens.

to get close ups we used a macro lens

We used a tripod-mounted ‘pocket dolly’ to get nice camera moves on some of the product shots.

slider shots

This production happened with very little planning but we made it happen and got pretty good results. If I was to do it again, I would liked to have more tools & time, but that is always the case!

The Key Take-Aways:

  1. There’s more to production than meets the eye/you can’t judge a production by the final result.
  2. Planning is key: You need the right location, the right tools, time, people, props, etc.
  3. Nothing ever goes to plan perfectly. Things change, you have to be smart about how you plan to react when the situation changes.

I hope this gives you some insight on how you can prepare to use video for your company’s growth. If you want some more helpful perspective, check out our complimentary downloadable guide outlining 5 ways you can use video to help your organization grow, complete with case studies and examples!

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