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Video Production for Marketing: "The Reckoning"

‘Click’. That’s the sound of your competition getting a new client that could have been yours. How did this happen? Simple: they wield the awesome power of video. (Please watch the below video real quick to get what I mean)

They know that video content can help you rank higher in Google’s search results, boost awareness, help educate clients about your company, product or service, engage your customers and keep their attention and even convert sales. It’s the new marketing Swiss army knife. The data is out there: Video can have a massive impact, yet many companies have been slow to adopt video as a marketing tool.


I’m so glad you asked…

There are a few video-related considerations that many companies are wrestling with right now. Here’s the top 3 that we hear all the time followed by our perspective on how to look that the issue:

Numero Uno: How do we measure the ROI?

This is the big one. Most marketers would agree that marketing video has value, many even know what they want to do with it but just can’t see how to measure the return. The way we like to look at it is that you have to look at it from several points of view. If you are data-oriented, consider that video will greatly help your web pages rank higher in search results and regularly released video content will magnify this effect.
If you think about what’s behind the social media marketing boom, it’s all about engagement – The big “E’. If you start posting marketing drivel on Twitter, you will loose your audience faster than a wireless AT&T signal in San Francisco! However, if you make content that your customers and followers actually like and share it, and they share it..well, you get the idea. This is what marketers mean when they talk about having a ‘dialogue’ or ‘conversation’ with your customers.
You see, people like video… a lot! You Tube is the #2 search engine on the web and people watch and post video at amazing volumes. People just like to consume video, even C-suite Executives. We live in the digital age, the rules have changed, the audience has changed. Their behavior has changed. There are more video-enabled devices every month and so video actually allows you to reach your audience in a new way, speak directly to them with emotion, excitement, entice them to share, to follow, subscribe and take action…. in other words: Video = Engagement.

Ok, number two: How exactly would we use video?

This one’s easy. There’s a ton of ways, and I’ll give some of the big ones to you right now, no charge:

  • Awareness: make an overview video to explain your company, product or service
  • Branding: Show your stuff, what are you all about?
  • Blogs: Video blog entries are not only engaging, they are sharable, especially for mobile.
  • Content Marketing: Trying to reach an audience? Give them video content they want and they will seek it out. Answer questions in video.
  • Relationship/CRM: People buy from people, people they like. If your customers could get to know you before they even meet you, you can be more likeable right out of the gate. It takes away the element of the unknown.
  • SEO: Rank higher in search. Need a lift? Release blog videos weekly and boost SEO results!
  • Social Media Marketing:  Video is a great way to stand out on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. It’s cool, it’s exciting: Videos go viral, not articles.
  • You Tube, baby!: If you customers are on You Tube already, and by the way EVERYONE is, then why not be there too? You can ‘show and tell’ with video in a way that you can’t in any other marketing channel.

The third hurdle seems to be the process

Video production can be intimidating. There can be much complexity and an incredible amount of options and scalable costs and quality levels. We have many clients that ‘just want to shoot a video’ that don’t yet understand the importance of microphones, set-up time or lighting. There are also the considerations of how to deal with the footage after a video shoot, which probably requires hard drives for media storage, compression of files, editing, graphics, hosting, posting, embedding, meta-tagging and SEO optimization, oh my!**

I think the best advice is to work with a video production company and producer that can help shape the project and keep you on target and on budget. While it’s tempting to boot-strap a video production, just know that you probably don’t know what you don’t know, which can really burn you later. Just like you probably have an IT department or Accounting, you probably shouldn’t expect to handle all the technical, logistical and creative requirements yourself.  You can get a lot more bang-for-your-buck by finding a multi-skilled producer who can fill a couple roles and also help you identify the ‘digital icebergs’ and steer you toward your objectives.*

I think the best place to start is with the goal of producing an overview video of your company, service or product. It can serve several purposes at once (Awareness, Education, Conversion, SEO) and can crafted to say and show exactly what you want but in a way that resonates with your audience, not just your board. Once released out into the wilds of the internet, your video can be our there on the web, working for you, helping engage you clients while they are searching for stuff they care about…even while you sleep.

For a free consultation contact me at Digital Accomplice.

Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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