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Video Production for Real Estate: Engagement Matters!

There really isn’t a more cost-effective way to “show & tell” than with video. Sure, you can do it in person which has many advantages, but to do that at scale, most businesses would need an army to get the reach they would really like.

We recently produced a handful of videos for Northern Virginia/Washington, DC Metro Area real estate company called Arbour Realty.  Take a look and see how you feel about them after a “brief introduction”.

Not only did we create a standard “about us” video…

… but we also created several neighborhood spotlight videos to help prospective buyers get familiar with the character and benefits of each neighborhood. You can imagine how helpful that could be to someone new to the area, saving them hours of driving around and talking to people!

There are actually many benefits that video has in this example:

  • Buyers and sellers can get to know Arbour Realty without picking up the phone or getting in the car
  • Buyers can easily start to get to know the different areas the Arbour Realty serves
  • The videos are a crafted, consistent message so that clients aren’t getting different first impressions from different agents
  • The videos are working for them 24/7, nationally & globally …even while they sleep! SalesForce has said that their You Tube channel essentially acts as a handful of additional sale staff in it’s role of boosting awareness, educating and converting.
  • Clients, agents and anyone else can easily share the videos
  • Arbour Realty can use these videos on their website, You Tube channel, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, Google Places page, etc.
  • Arbour Realty can re-use these in specific targeted blog posts at a later date
  • Video helps with conversions. Online shoe retailer Zappos sees up to 30% sales boost by using product video demos.
  • Video will help Arbour Realty organicaly rank higher in search engines
  • Video increases time spent on websites, thereby increasing brand engagement
  • Video also helps them stand out in a clients mind, makes them memorable
  • Video makes an emotional impact that text and photos can’t do. Clients are more engaged before they even meet an agent.
  • Video is cool! Who wants to work with a fuddy-duddy agent from the stone age?! In sales and service, image matters!

Some key take-aways: Video can be used for many different purposes. By working with a talented and experience video production company, you can help keep video production costs down, and harvest enough content to be used in several different types of videos. When you look at all the different benefits that video content can have (for your company and you customers) it’s much easier to justify the costs of video production.  Once the videos are out there on the internet, they are working for you for months if not years!

Feel free to contact me for a free consultation or if you have any questions:

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