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Video Production Tips: Lessons from the Field

In video production, it’s very helpful to look at the work of others to learn some hard-won lessons – hopefully without making them yourself! I’m going share an overview of 3 recent projects we produced and include some take-aways to help your own productions go more smoothly.

EXAMPLE 1: The Verizon Cloud Story

Overview: The Verizon Cloud story consisted of a 6-day shoot in 4 towns, with 2 cameras and a 6-person crew…

Key-take-aways: When shooting in an unfamiliar city (Boston, in this case) make sure you consider how challenging traffic and travel logistics might be to get the b-roll you are hoping for. Time of day, holidays, weather and seasons can all come into play. It’s also note-worthy that you can sometimes do very well on the shoot and get lucky enough to get more footage than expected. That can then take more editing time than expected to go through all that footage, perhaps going over budget – which is not something my clients tend to get excited about.

EXAMPLE 2:Meet The Team at Network Hardware

*Overview: * For this recruitment video, we focused on getting as many interviews and a variety of team activity b-roll in the Santa Barbara office as possible in one day. We then augmented this with footage shot at other offices around the world.

Key take-aways While the cost-savings benefits of having local offices contribute footage were clear, the quality and logistic implications were not. I think it’s pretty obvious which shots were contributed by other offices due to the difference in technical quality of the framing, sound, etc. It can be very challenging to coordinate with other off-shore offices to get what is needed and in a time-frame that’s needed as well. Time zones, language, terms, goals, formats, digital asset sharing logistics, all these can come into play.

EXAMPLE 3:The 2013 “Petties” Award Show

Overview: The Petties is an award show celebrating the best pet blogs. They asked us to help produce last year’s and this year’s Pettie, but there was a twist: Last year, we had a host, this year, we did not.

Key take-aways: By incorporating a cat/dog duo as anthropomorphized film critics (like the old guys on the Muppets!), we were able to editorialize the program a bit and inject some on-brand, pet-related humor into an admittedly long ceremony. One word of caution: They were great but ….never work with animals!

What do you think? Any other obvious lessons you can see from these examples?

I hope this gives you some insight on how you can use video for your company’s growth. If you want some more helpful perspective, check out our complimentary downloadable guide outlining 5 ways you can use video to help your organization grow, complete with case studies and examples!

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