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Video Promotion for Games and Apps (a Case Study)

Video Production is a very powerful tool to help audiences understand what your game or app is all about. They can see it, you can explain it, you can ‘show & tell’ how to play it, get it or install it. With so many video games and social and mobile apps on the market, video is that essential tool to help a potential customer (or reviewer) understand what your game or app is all about.

For example, we just produced this 30 second spot for Rivet Games to promote their FooPets online game.

Rivet Games came to us with a simple goal…

The goal was to show ‘tween’ girls what the game is about and get them excited enough that they ask their parents to go online and set up the account so they can choose adopt their own pet. This is exactly the right way to use video to market your game or app. Have a simple, measurable goal.

We knew that budget was a concern so we developed a few creative concepts that incorporated their existing animated pet assets. The concept that the client was most excited about was to develop a custom jingle, in a “Hanna Montanah-pop style” that built excitement, explained the basics and resonated with the audience.

We worked closely with NYC-based music collective Melody Robot to craft both the tune and lyrics that would be most effective and catchy enough to stay in the tween audience’s head until their parent’s could get home from work and set up an account. I think they did a great job of capturing the essence of our vision.

By designing and animating ‘tween pop’ graphic elements around the existing assets, we were able to cost effectively present the game to the audience in an exciting way, that still clearly showed off the game’s high-quality pet animations. That’s the whole value proposition of the game, so we said “lets highlight it”!

The client was very excited and happy with the process and result, but the real measure of success is the client feedback.

The take-aways that any video game or app developer can use to promote their product are:

  • Video helps you stand out and get noticed
  • Once you are noticed, you have the opportunity to engage, excite, explain
  • Be sure to drive behavior with a simple ‘call to action’
  • If budget is a concern, try to use your existing assets somehow
  • Know your audience and present your message in the style that resonates most
  • Work with an experienced, multi-talented Video Producer that can pull together the specific talent and skills required for your unique project’s needs.
  • Video ROI can be hard to measure but with a simple goal, don’t be afraid to experiment

    We hope these tips inspire you to take the next steps in the video production process.

If you have any questions about video production costs, video game marketing or application promotion, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!

Dane Frederiksen
Digital Accomplice

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