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Video Sharability: A Peek at How to Earn Views

Poo Pori's product video smelled great(ABOVE: Poo Pori’s product video smelled great)

If you have a product or service that you are considering promoting with video, this post is for you: Jackpot!  Video can be your best ticket to showing the world your product, what it does and why they care.  Let’s linger on that last one for a moment: Really, why should they care? Seems pretty important doesn’t it?! But to even get the chance to tell them why they should care, you’ll need to get past their defenses. We are all bombarded with ads, messages & noise 24/7 and if all they need to do is click away, you’ve missed your opportunity to tell your story…

So how does one get past these defenses? The answer is simple: Engage! In other words, make them care. Grab their attention, delight them, keep it and don’t let up as you weave in the essential messages you need to communicate in order to get the reaction you desire. If you can do all that, they may just like your video enough to share it (“Earned Media“) and your message goes with it. If they get bored, confused or disengaged,  you loose. There is no guarantee of success, just of failure if you start to cut corners. It’s video quid quo pro, give em’ what they want while you tell em’ what you want.

Lets take a look at a few examples and I’ll break down what they did right…and not.

Dollar Shave Club

The 12 million people that watched this video proves the sharability of this one. It’s funny, clever and gets the point across. This video gets mentioned a lot by our clients but unless you are a video producer, you may just see a man in a warehouse talking about the product with interesting writing and then want to emulate this effective formula. The point worth noting is simply that there is a lot more that goes into the planning and execution of a video like this than you may realize.  If it were easy, cheap and effective, we would all do it.

Aviator Electronic Cigarettes

This product video essentially follows the formula of Dollar Shave Club, but the results were underwhelming and tactically inneffective. It’s not just about views but this one got a couple hundred views, not couple million. The attempt may seem close but they seem to have cut corners on script, message, production quality, lighting, make-up, props, sets, etc.  That’s really the point, it’s not one thing, it’s the issue of not respecting your audience and the power they have to click away. Corners were cut & the price was paid.

Poo Pori

This delightful video nailed it. Not only did it earn 20 million views, but it entertained, explained (and closed a sale with me…uh, as a gift). Because it was so well done, I shared it, thus furthering it’s reach. They clearly gave this one the budget and time it needed to develop the concept, script, casting, make up, wardrobe, setting, music and sound effects, graphics, etc.  This is what comes of NOT cutting corners.

K Swiss

This one is a bit older but it’s in the same vein. It’s longer, silly, more abrasive with the profanity but it seems to hit all the major points except the purpose, this one is more of a branding video that seems to want to make K Swiss relevant and cool. It’s a big ad agency production, big bucks. They put their money in there to make it work well, but while it was expensive, I’d say it does feel a bit over contrived or forced. Did it work for you? I think they could have had the same effect at a fraction of the cost.

Old Spice

The Old Spice guy is really the holy grail. 47 million views! Viral and Branded. that’s very hard to do.  Funny, short and clear. That said, I never bough Old Spice products, but I feel differently about the brand… and I shared it a lot.

When we look at these examples, the recipe for a successful product video seems to go something like this:

  1. Engage Immediately
  2. Delight them every chance you get with concept
  3. ‘Sell’ those concepts in a premium way with great high quality execution in production
  4. Embed key product information in the entertaining wrapper of the story
  5. Overcome objections clearly
  6. Have a solid Call to Action

That’s my sense anyway. Of course you’ll want to work with experienced and talented producer (wink wink) It’s clearly not just a formula but does this sound about right to you? Did I earn your share? Love to get your thoughts and questions. Until then….

*KEY TAKE AWAY: *If you want to get lots of views of your product video, make something that meets your needs AND those of your audience’s sharing threshold. Ask yourself “Do they care enough to share?”.

I hope this gives you some insight on how you can prepare to use video for your company’s growth. If you want some more helpful perspective, check out our complimentary downloadable guide outlining 5 ways you can use video to help your organization grow, complete with case studies and examples!

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