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Video Tips for Company Videos

There’s so many considerations that go into making a successful company video that it’s hard to narrow them down. I recently came across this one video with 10 great tips from a UK company that will help make your company video more successful. If you’re in a hurry, I’ll also summarize with a bit of my perspective below.

  1. Good lighting will make you and your business look professional. Don’t rely on gross office lighting for interviews, bring in someone who knows how to light and has the right gear. (He shows a good example)

  2. Your audience will never notice good sound quality, but they’ll certainly notice bad sound quality.

  3. The clothes you wear on camera should be appropriate to your business. Keep it simple. Plain clothes always work best and will not distract or go out of fashion.

  4. A good script will keep you on track and it will get your message across in the shortest possible time.

  5. He says around one minute is the ideal length for a corporate video, but I think you can go longer – but only if you keep it‘high engagement’, say 2-3 mins. That said, you’d be surprised how much you can communicate in a minute!

  6. Keep it audience-centric. "Not many people are interested in when your company was founded, or how many awards you’ve won over the last ten years. Let your customers know what you can do for them”. Too true. Just ask yourself “Do they really care?”

  7. If you say you can do something for your audience, then back that claim up with proof. It makes your video message so much more powerful. Use data with sources or customer/partner/industry expert testimonials.

  8. Choose your location carefully, considering how you might control light, sound and distractions. I’d add that variety of looks and open space are ideal, that way you can set up lighting and change shots.

9.Not everyone is comfortable talking directly to a camera. Simply imagine you’re talking to a friend who’s just to the side of the camera.

10.End your video with a proposition or call to action. You’ve put all this effort into getting your message across. Now, you need to tell the audience what you’d like them to do.


There’s a ton of other tips and suggestions to ad but the most universal ones are:

1.) Give yourself more time than you think you need. The best ideas take time to develop, plan and execute.

2.) Plan for chaos. Nothing goes as planned so give yourself options: extra takes, extra shots, extra interviews, etc.

3.) Test early and often. Try and write out a draft script, read it out loud. Shoot it with an iPhone, see how it feels. Call an prospective interviewee to pre-interview, explore their story. Check out the locations. Find lunch/bathrooms/parking in advance. All this can help work out any kinks and make it all go better.

Good luck!

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