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What "High-Quality" Means in Video-Land

What qualities does quality have? Hmmm….

What does ‘high-quality‘ video mean anyway? Everyone says they want high quality, but how much do you really need… and how much do you want to pay for? Think of it like car quality, there are many levels of quality and in different categories, sometimes with subtle but important distinctions.

While the term ‘quality’ can be used to apply to a video as a whole, it’s helpful to look at how quality, as it pertains to each piece of the puzzle, will affect the whole. Quality can refer to:

  • The creative concept, the ‘big idea’
  • The writing of the script dialogue
  • The camera and lighting
  • Performance or even casting of actors
  • Graphic design and illustration
  • Editing and animation
  • Music selection
  • Sound effects and audio mixing
  • Just about anything else!

Some videos obviously may or may not have some of these ingredients. Each ingredient above has an extremely wide variety of quality options. For example; there are many different cameras, endless options for bright ideas and many different specialist practitioners for each skill (with varying talent, experience, fee-ranges and availability to boot!).

Each piece of video has its own job to do. Depending on the audience, goals, distribution and restrictions you are working with, each video will have its own economy. Just like buying a car, you may want that Porsche, but maybe what you need is a Honda Accord. If your video’s job is to attract attention and position your company as premium then maybe a Porsche is what you need.


In order to increase quality, you’ll probably need to increase something: lead time, budget, talent, etc. With a low budget but lots of development time, you can potentially increase quality by improving the concept/plan. Typically however, time is precious so increasing quality really means adding more/better tools and more people to make them work well. By keeping your goal in mind, you’ll have a better chance to focus resources on getting the quality that will help make a difference.

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