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YOU are the Brand & Content (Content Marketing Lessons I learned from Veronica Belmont)

Veronica BelmontVeronica Belmont

Veronica Belmont: Video host, tech blogger-expert, gamer/geek, cat owner. She wears lots o’ hats. She’s also one of the most enjoyable and easily relatable people I’ve ever gotten to know. Oh, and she’s pretty darn savvy about this whole ‘content marketing’ thing too. I’ve produced countless video production projects in San Francisco with Veronica as host and by watching her work both online and on-camera, I learned a lot about the evolving art of online content marketing. Here’s a few of the main take-always that any marketer can learn from.

  1. If you build it (good), they will come. People aren’t stupid, especially techies, geeks, media types, gamers. They know how to find value and avoid spam & commercials. Try and force-feed them and you destroy your own credibility.
    1. She knows her subject matter & it comes across immediately. There’s nothing worse than an ‘expert’ who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.
    2. She networks well via social networks and in ‘real life’, clearly because she’s genuinely interested in meeting and getting to know people. ‘Networking’ is actually just being curious about people…and in a way people are content!
    3. Opinion leaders have true power, but with “great power comes great responsibility”. She consistently uses her network to help improve her viewer’s lives though sharing content as well as her insider knowledge and expert opinions, which they love her for, thus growing the network further.
    4. Be good humored, kind & understanding. There’s really no reason to not be friendly, fun and engaging to your audience (fans). She’s always helpful and down to earth when her fans want to engage with her. I wish more companies acted the same way. Can’t we all get along?
    5. Self-promotion can just be a natural side effect of organic communication, her followers want to know what she’s up to. Yours probably do too!
    6. Be timely, frequent and consistent in quality. In the world of social media, if you ain’t part of the conversation, you aren’t relevant.
    7. Be yourself. It of course helps if you are charming…and a beautiful young woman. You can’t fake authenticity (well, most people can’t, the ones that CAN are highly paid professional actors with years of training!)
    8. Be a brand. YOU are a brand, might as well embrace it. How you come across in the world/marketplace matters, but reputation alone isn’t enough, you need to be visable.
    9. Embrace your natural talent. Veronica has the uncanny ability to read a script, memorize, and then on a video production, present it to camera as if she just thought of it. Not everyone can do that. Nor can everyone write, create or whistle! Do what you love to do and what you are good at, then people will seek you out- Because you’re the one that does that thing really well!

I hope you too can learn and prosper by using these tips.

Thanks Veronica, you accidentally taught me a lot!

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